Waitex Information Systems

Regardless of what market you compete in today, information is key for a profitable business. Waitex Information Systems give clients a simple and cost-effective way to meet these demands. In today’s technology-driven society, custom, digital solutions are redefining the supply chain industry.

On January 9th, 2008, the Waitex Group had further strengthened its Complete End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions philosophy by expanding Waitex Information System, Inc. through the acquisition of Mr. Software of the East Coast, Inc.

As a result, we’ve built one of the industry’s most sophisticated Information Technology (IT) networks, providing our clients with immediate EDI capabilities, along with access to seamless information management for every phase of the supply chain from product development and initial order processing through manufacturing, shipping, inventory tracking, credit checking, factoring, invoicing and e-commerce.

Waitex provides complete support and back-up services along with important data management tools that allow for smarter projections and planning. All are linked directly to Waitex distribution centers via our own proprietary high-speed IT network and proprietary software.

As with all our services, Waitex Information Systems are designed to be flexible, and configured to meet your needs. With our specialized remote web access capabilities, you can use our Information Systems through your own employees or you can outsource part or all of your back office work, retaining Waitex to handle order processing, EDI and other related functions.

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Supply chain management software for inventory management, order processing, billing and tracking sales order management

  • Production/import tracking
  • UPC/inventory control
  • Automatic allocation/pick-ticketing
  • Invoicing/accounts receivable / factor order management
  • Credits/returns
  • Remote accessibility (VPN)
  • Scan / pack

Data management

  • Data and order entry, with remote access
  • Conversion of existing data to Waitex Information Systems
  • Data mining, with tools to analyze data at a granular level
  • Push/pull scenarios to synchronize data between Waitex and client on a continual basis, via Internet
  • Data storage

EDI systems/support, including full ASN, UCC128, UPC – aligned with requirements of all major retailers